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iConnectExpansion is a global support and development platform to help you and your organization make the difference that you are here to make.

Created by Trace Hobson in partnership with Alan Seale and the Center for Transformational Presence, our aim is to support you to:

  • Develop your executives, leaders, managers, and organization or company into their greatest potential in service of their mission in the world
  • Learn to listen, lead, and work with ever-changing nature of energy and reality
  • Create effective and lasting results from a Discovery Based Model for your teams, projects, departments, and organizational challenges
  • Grow and evolve into your greatest potential as a leader and servant of a greater good
  • Create and impliment customized leadership discovery programs to support your support your vision, mission, and initiatives

We do this through the principles of Transformational Presence created by Alan Seale.

Our Invitation

There’s a constant energetic conversation going on inside of leaders, teams, departments, projects, circumstances, and culture.This conversation is going on beneath the surface. Our work together is to partner with emerging potential, and to take next steps.

As you explore this site, take time to listen, sense, and feel. What do you notice? What is the invitation? How can we serve you?

Why We Do What We Do

There are many challenges within the organizational world today. Systems are breaking down, leaders and teams are overwhelmed. In Transformational Presence we say that a problem is not to be solved; it is a message to be listened to. Our job is to listen to the messages.

iConnectExpansion helps leaders, managers, projects, and organizations listen deeply to the messages and the emerging potential within their circumstances and situations. As you transition into a Discovery-Based Model of leadership, management, and organizational development, things begin to transform.

Our mission: To create a world that works, one leader, manager, team, and organization at a time.

Our Reason? Because it’s who we are.

Who We Are

Trace HobsonTrace Hobson is the founder and director of iConnectExpansion, and the Organizational Alchemist and Mystic for The Center for Transformational Presence. Trace works primarily with organizations, leadership teams, executives, and entrepreneurs. Through a Discovery-Based approach, he supports organizations, leadership teams, executives, and entrepreneurs through all stages of their development, expansion, and service.

Whether you are an executive leader or an individual business owner, together with Trace, you can find clarity around your message, your mission, and the unique offering you bring to the world. You can clarify the kinds of systems and structures you need to put into place to support the growth and development of your company and your community, and to support the difference you want to make through your work.

Trace’s company, iConnectExpansion, is a Strategic Alliance Partner with Alan Seale and the Center for Transformational Presence. Trace and Alan frequently work together to support the training, developing and mentoring of leaders at all levels, and to create and deliver Transformational Presence Leadership in Action programs that are custom-tailored to your organization.

Alan SealeAlan Seale is the founder and director of The Center for Transformational Presence, an internationally-recognized speaker and teacher, and the author of seven books published in six languages. His latest book is

Transformational Presence: How To Make a Difference In a Rapidly Changing World.Alan supports leaders, visionaries, coaches, artists, teachers, and healers in developing their own unique and authentic Transformational Presence, as well as in developing cultures that contribute to creating a world that works. A prolific writer and creator of transformational tools and frameworks, he is constantly creating new and innovative Discovery-Based concepts and materials for navigating today’s rapidly changing and complex world.

Through coaching and mentoring, Alan supports a select group of individuals, executives, teams, and organizations. He is also mentoring next-generation leaders to continue evolving and carry forward the work of Transformational Presence in the coming years.

Through working with Alan, you, your team, and your organization will transform beliefs, thought patterns, perspectives, and practices that no longer serve you and forge new ones that support you. You will find new ways to meet your challenges with curiosity and openness, and discover the opportunities that are hidden within them. In short, you will take big steps forward on the path of leadership and service that you feel called to walk.

Alan and Trace also continue to work both individually and in partnership to create new programs ongoing support systems for the global community of Transformational Presence Coaches. The Global Network of Transformational Presence coaches can also be valuable resource for your program delivery, coaching, and consulting—a world-wide support for you as well as your entire community.

Support from Alan and Trace can come in many forms, all customized to your needs. As an example, you might choose to work with Alan for personal and leadership development coaching, while at the same time, working with Trace on company development coaching. You might also choose to roll out a system-wide Transformational Presence program for your whole organization. Together, you, Alan, and Trace can create the customized organizational plan that will best support your next steps.

You are visiting this site for a reason. You have gifts to bring to the world. The time is now. The world can’t afford for you to wait any longer.

Coaching & Advising

Transformational Presence Coaching & Advising

  • Translation and Integration Coaching is having the help of a guide that can help you integrate, implement, and execute on the shifts that you expereince within our programs and courses. As you re-enter your life, role, practice, and organization after a shift in awareness, a coach helps you to become equipped and to rapidly forward the action in ways that are powerful and congruent with who you are now.
  • Your organization, your leadership, your team, project, are all having a conversation with you beneath the surface, but what is the message, and what are the actions that will make tangible and lasting differences?
  • Our work together discovers the answers to these questions and so much more

This Coaching & Advising is Tailored for –

  • Leadership Development
  • Competency, Capacity, & Capability
  • Team Development
  • Project Expansion
  • Shifting Problems” – The problems that show up are messages for us to listen to, but when we are in the middle of those, they don’t feel that way. Our work together takes the problems you have with employees, projects, leaders, managers, departments, and initiatives, and Transforms them into what they want to be. Transformational Presence; Shift Happens.

Organizational Advising

Imagine yourself walking into a lush rain forest, with all of the sounds, smells, and sights that reflect the vibrant life of the forest.

What becomes possible when your organization, your departments, and your people all reflect the life of a rain forest, or an ocean?

Creative, vibrant, collaborative, sustainable expressions and expansions of life. Our work together here discovers the vibrant support systems that make all the difference for people, and for the environments that they work in –

  • Customized Discovery Based Leadership Development Platforms for Managers, Leaders, and Executives
  • Transformational Presence in Sales Advising
  • Transformational Presence in Agile & Design Project Management Advising
  • Resiliency Support Programs for Teams in Challenging Transitions, Initiatives, Projects, Implementations, and Changes
  • Enlightened Organizational Strategic Planning & Visioning
  • “Shifting Problems” – The problems that show up are messages for us to listen to, but when we are in the middle of those, they don’t feel that way. Our work together takes the problems you have with employees, projects, leaders, managers, departments, and initiatives, and Transforms them into what they want to be. Transformational Presence; Shift Happens.

Alan & Trace’s Subscription Space

Global Subscription Support Areas

  • The Transformational Presence – Making a Difference In a Rapidly Changing World Group

This group is hosted by Alan Seale and Trace Hobson to unpackage and share the tools and frameworks of Alan’s latest book for individuals and organizations.

Complimentary Support Materials

The Transformer weekly newsletter
Transformational Presence: How to Make a Difference in a Rapidly Changing World book

Learning Experiences

Together, through Transformational Presence approaches, let’s listen deeply and explore what wants to happen through your life, your company, and your service to the world.

Your company, your projects, your transitions, your opportunities, and your challenges are all trying to have a conversation with you, let’s listen together, and create a customized approach that uses virtual and in-person training, that is based in Transformational Presence, for you, your team, and your projects and initiatives.

However you dream of serving the world, the time is now. The world can’t afford to wait any longer.

The Virtual Transformational Presence Introduction Course

  • This 4-6 Week interactive virtual course gives you and your team an introduction to Transformational Presence and the Discovery-Based approach to leadership and management—a new way of looking at your world. This course can be customized for your industry, role, organization, project, change initiative, or any challenge that your team is facing at this time.

The Transformational Presence Leadership in Action Course (TPLA)

  • Approved for 21 CCEU Credits through the International Coach Federation 
  • This 2- or 3-day in-person discovery program is based on Alan Seale’s latest book. It is currently being used in some of the most progressive organizations in the world to lead within a VUCA world

Transformational Presence Leadership & Coach Training Course (TPLC) for Organizations

  • Approved for 52 Coach-Specific Training Hours and/or CCEU Credits by the International Coach Federation 
  • This is the 5-day in-person intensive discovery program that put Alan Seale’s work on the global map. There are now more than 650 graduates of this program from more than 30 countries. The program is currently being offered in the United States, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, and in Poland. The TPLC will equip your leaders and managers to apply the concepts, principles, approaches, and practices of Transformational Presence in their teams, projects, and management practice in a way that can create major shifts for your organization. [Trace, I think we might want to be more specific than this—what can they expect in the culture and approach of the organization?] It brings presence-based coaching and leadership into the day-to-day work of your organization in a very powerful way.

All of our programs can be customized for your organization, project, initiative, and your current opportunities and challenges.

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