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iConnectExpansion is a global community of facilitators, trainers, coaches, and organizational developers that are here to help you and your organization make the difference that you are here to make. Created by Trace Hobson in partnership with Alan Seale and the Center for Transformational Presence, our aim is to equip executives, managers, coaches, and teams:

  • With simple powerful transformational leadership and coaching tools and skills that work in volatile, uncertain, complex, ambiguous environments
  • With scalable practical support for successfully implimenting Agile Transformations, Re-organizations, and Re-structering projects  
  • With a deeper ability to listen to and lead from the potential within their organizations rather than being side-tracked by the challenges and problems

What We Offer

Today’s rapidly changing business climate requires a new set of leadership skills and capacities. Transformational Presence offers practical, powerful, and accessible tools and frameworks that are simple to use for everyone. These tools are scalable for use with individuals, executives, and teams in all departments. They help us expand our awareness and understanding of what is happening, and immediately translate that awareness and understanding into effective actions during what are normally characterized as difficult projects and initiatives.

We focus specifically on what your company, your projects, and your transitions are saying right now and how the invitation of connection and expansion is wanting to direct you, your teams, and your organization.

Let’s listen together to what is going on for you and your organization. Then we can create a customized approach that takes you, your team, and your initiatives to the next level.

Transformational Presence Leadership Development and Coaching

We mentioned above that problems, challenges, conflicts, and opportunities all have stories to tell and messages to be listened to. Yet when we are in the middle of those challenges, sensing or hearing the messages or finding our next steps is not always easy. Our programs are designed to help individuals, teams, and organizations to slow down to the speed of presence and listen deeply to what wants to happen.

iConnectExpansion Transformational Presence Individualized Coaching

Our coaching work together is rooted in a discovery-based approach in coaching, leadership, and organizational development. The various team members at iConnectExpansion have extensive practical experience equipping individual leaders, managers, and coaches with the skill-set that they need to move powerfully through the Transformations, Re-Organizations, and Implementations that are most relevant to their work in the world. We work extensively with professionals that are navigating for themselves and their reports through volatile transitions and industries. We also teach and train coaches how to work in these industries as well. This individualized coaching is for:

  • Agile and Scrum professionals wanting to equip themselves and their teams with tools that scale servant leadership out and up
  • Executive Leaders wanting to create a culture of connection and response-ability 
  • Professional Managers, Leaders, and Coaches 

The Half-Day In-Person Transformational Presence Leadership introduction

This half-day workshop introduces the discovery-based approach found in Alan Seale’s new book, Transformational Presence: How To Make a Difference in a Rapidly Changing World We can customize this workshop for a specific focus, such as:

  • Team Development
  • Projects
  • Strategic Planning
  • Leadership Development
  • Start Up Suport

The Virtual Transformational Presence Leadership Forums

Our virtual forums are focused on challenges, issues, and topics that are important to our clients: Servant Leadership 3.0 for Agile and Scrum professionals and how to actually implement this practically day to day; Health-Care Reorganization that actually works for those that are stewarding the financial concerns as well as those that are serving patients.  

We design these forums based on what our clients are asking for generally and we offer this as a global virtual zoom meeting that is interactive and robust. 

For more information email us or book a discovery session with Trace.

iConnectExpansion Transformational Presence On-Site and In-Company Coaching Intensives

Sometimes what you need is for someone to parachute in and physically walk with you, your team, your project, your situation, or your organization as you navigate your current challenges and opportunities. You recognize that this is a critical time for you, your leaders, and your organization, and that the level of attention and guidance that you need is both intense and effective. Our on-site intensives involve being present with you in your working environment and walking beside you as you navigate your work and life. Together, we take a deep dive into your work in the world and how you show up as a leader, a team, or a company.

iConnectExpansion Transformational Presence Off-Site Residential Coaching Intensives

Like the on-site intensives, the off-site residential intensives provide a deep-dive into your work in the world and how you are showing up for that, yet you have stepped out of your familiar work environment and into a carefully selected environment that can support you in the best ways for the personal and developmental work you need to do. Leaving your familiar world and entering into deep dialogue with the greater potential waiting to unfold in your life and work, who it is asking you to be, and what it is asking you to do, can accelerate your forward movement and development. You travel to a new environment, possibly even in a new country, and along with your coach, enter into an experiential leadership development process. Off-site residential intensives are custom-designed together with your coach to meet your particular needs, travel availability and interests.

The Open-Enrollment 3-Day Transformational Presence Leadership in Action Course (TPLA) for Agile Professionals, Executive Leaders, and Health-Care

Approved for 21 CCEU Credits through the International Coach Federation  This 3-day in-person discovery program is based on Alan Seale’s latest book, Transformational Presence: How To Make a Difference in a Rapidly Changing World. It is currently being used in some of the most progressive organizations globally to lead within a complex and rapidly changing world. You and your company members may choose to attend one of our scheduled open-enrollment programs in various locations around the world, or to request an in-company version of this program that can be tailored specifically for your leadership team and organization. This program is a natural follow-up to the virtual programs.

The Open-Enrollment or In-Company 5-Day Transformational Presence Leadership & Coach Training Course (TPLC)

Approved for 52 Coach-Specific Training Hours and/or CCEU Credits by the International Coach Federation  This is the 5-day in-person intensive discovery program that put Alan Seale’s work on the global map. There are now more than 650 graduates of this program from more than 30 countries. The open-enrollment version of this program is currently being offered in the United States, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, and in Poland. You may also choose to offer this program in-company for selected leaders, managers, and internal coaches where the program can be tailored to your particular needs. The TPLC will equip your leaders, managers, and internal coaches to apply the concepts, principles, approaches, and practices of Transformational Presence within their teams, projects, and management practice to create major shifts within your organizational culture, practices, effectiveness, productivity, and service. 


There are constant challenges within the organizational world today. Many people would say that systems and structures are breaking down, and leaders and teams are feeling overwhelmed. Yet what if the systems and structures are actually breaking open so that we can see and sense what is happening deep under the surface—what’s happening at the core? What if the breaking open is necessary for transformation to occur?

In Transformational Presence, we say that a problem is not something to be solved; it’s a message to be listened to. Our job is to listen to the messages. iConnectExpansion helps leaders, managers, projects, and organizations listen deeply to the messages and the emerging potential within their circumstances and situations.

As you transition into a discovery-based approach to leadership, management, and organizational development, skills and capacities for awareness, perception, understanding, and effective action expand. Organizational culture begins to transform. As a result, your organization thrives, success expands, and you make the difference in the world that you are here to make.

Our mission: To create a world that works, one leader, one manager, one team, and one organization at a time.


Trace Hobson

Trace Hobson is the founder and director of iConnectExpansion, and the Organizational Alchemist and Mystic for The Center for Transformational Presence. Through a discovery-based approach, he supports organizations, leadership teams, executives, engineers, scientists, and entrepreneurs through all stages of their development, expansion, and service.

Whether you are an executive leader or an individual business owner, together with Trace you can find clarity around your message, your mission, and the unique offering you bring to the world. You can identify the kinds of systems and structures you need to support the growth and development of your company and your community, and then create those systems and structures and get them up and running effectively and efficiently to support you and your organization in reaching your greatest success and impact in the world.

Trace’s company, iConnectExpansion, is a Strategic Alliance Partner with Alan Seale and the Center for Transformational Presence. Trace and Alan support the training, developing and mentoring of leaders at all levels, and create and deliver Transformational Presence Leadership in Action programs that are custom-tailored to your organization.

Alan Seale is the founder and director of The Center for Transformational Presence, an internationally-recognized speaker and teacher, and the author of seven books published in six languages.

His latest book is Transformational Presence: How To Make a Difference In a Rapidly Changing World. Alan supports leaders, visionaries, coaches, artists, teachers, and healers in developing their own unique and authentic Transformational Presence, as well as in developing cultures that contribute to creating a world that works. A prolific writer and creator of transformational tools and frameworks, he is constantly creating new and innovative discovery-based concepts and materials for navigating today’s complex and rapidly changing and complex world.

Through coaching and mentoring, Alan supports a select group of individuals, executives, teams, and organizations. He is also mentoring next-generation leaders to continue evolving and carrying forward the work of Transformational Presence in the coming years.

Through working with Alan, you, your team, and your organization will transform beliefs, thought patterns, perspectives, and practices that no longer serve you and forge new ones that support you. You will find new ways to meet your challenges with curiosity and openness, and discover the opportunities that are hidden within them. In short, you will take big steps forward on the path of leadership and service that you feel called to walk.

Alan and Trace also continue to work both individually and in partnership to create new programs and ongoing support systems for the global community of Transformational Presence Coaches. The global network of Transformational Presence leaders and coaches can also be a valuable resource for your program delivery, coaching, and consulting—a world-wide support for you as well as your entire community.

Support from Alan and Trace can come in many forms, all customized to your needs. As an example, you might choose to work with Alan for personal and leadership development coaching, while at the same time, working with Trace on company development coaching. You might also choose to roll out a system-wide Transformational Presence program for your entire organization. Together, you, Alan, and Trace can create the customized organizational plan that will best support your next steps.

You are visiting this site for a reason. You have gifts to bring to the world. The time is now. The world can’t afford for you to wait any longer.

Jonathan Anderson

Jonathan Anderson is a business and digital innovation leader who leverages Design Thinking and SCRUM Agile to design and deliver customer experiences that are integrated with digital technology.

Through his work he discovered that organizations are struggling to implement Agile due to hierarchical command and control leadership cultures and teams who cannot function as self-directed teams. A servant leadership mindset is required to lead in today’s rapidly changing, unpredictable, and competitive landscape. The problem is servant leadership is not set of skills that you master. It is a change in your core DNA that can only come through a transformation from within.

Jonathan is teaming up with Trace Hobson from iConnectExpansion to create an experiential program that utilizes Alan Seale’s Transformational Presence Leadership in Action Program as the foundation to incrementally transform leaders into Servant Leaders who can create the safe space required for agile self-managed teams to thrive and succeed.

Jo Boniszewski

Jo Boniszewski is the founder of Barefoot Training & Coaching. She is an experienced transformational leadership coach and facilitator working primarily with organizations, leadership teams, executives and entrepreneurs. She enables those she works with to take bold steps in realizing their full potential and to be the leaders they want to be.

Starting from a base of trust and openness, she cuts quickly to the essence, enabling shifts in perspective and understanding, which then lead to transformed action and significant, sustainable growth.

Jo has worked closely with Alan Seale and the Center for Transformational Presence during the last five years. She is currently being mentored by Alan Seale to be a program leader for the Transformational Presence Leadership and Coach Training and the Transformational Presence Leadership in Action programs, both open-enrollment and in-company forms.

In Jo’s words: “To witness people and teams taking steps to becoming the best version of themselves and achieving great results inspires me. And the more I coach and lead, the more I experience its reciprocity. I also continually learn and take steps in my own development, achieving greater results, fuelled by the people I work with!”

Sander van Eekelen

Sander van Eekelen is the founder of Academy of Life (http://www.academy-of-life.nl).

He is an experienced transformational leadership coach and facilitator. His field of expertise centers around individual and organizational ‘wholeness’ and self organizing systems. With his presence he creates an environment in which people feel safe and enabled to explore their greatest potential and develop the courage to step through self-created and self-imposed barriers. His nature is to friendly invite and compassionately challenge people to go beyond in order for deep exploration and shifts to become possible.

With a background in social psychology and years of experience both in management and in the field of Human Resource Management he not only speaks the ‘language’ but is able to quickly cut to the core of any organizational development issue.

Since 2012, Sander has worked closely with Alan Seale and the Center for Transformational Presence. He is currently a program leader for the various Transformational Presence programs, both open enrolment and in company forms.

He thrives when enabling and witnessing growth both in individual and in team development. His own continuous learning and developmental process lies at the core of his life and work. In his words: “I’m inspired to learn and teach; it’s a reciprocal, never ending dance. To playfully enable people to become the fullest version of themselves is my ultimate goal in life.”

Rebecca Johns

Rebecca Johns CPCC, CTPC is a certified professional coach trained by The Coaches Training Institute in 2004. Rebecca also holds certificates from several training organizations including being a Certified Transformational Presence Leadership Coach and is a teacher for The Center for Transformational Presence. She is certified by Deep Change, Inc. in Houston, Texas in the deep change model of personal development. Her other affiliations include the University of Minnesota Center for Spirituality & Healing as a Charter Member of the Purpose Project Guild and she is a trained facilitator for the Center for Ethical Leadership in Seattle, Washington.

Rebecca provides personal and professional development to clients internationally. Her background includes 35 years of teaching in higher education, public education, consulting, facilitation, and coaching. She works primarily with social visionaries who are willing to live on the edge of what is possible.

Rebecca lives her life intuitively, bringing her light and playfulness into her work. She brings her connection to nature by offering multi-day outdoor leadership retreats. These are informed by her many years of climbing mountains, paddling rivers, and skiing the backcountry by as well as several trips to remote regions of the world.

Her stillness and presence shows her commitment to solitude and deep reflection. She has been described as compassionate, creative, and provocative.

Gabriella van Rooij

After years of traveling and working from her personal mission to contribute to a better world, Gabriella van Rooij met Alan Seale in 2007. This was such a home coming for her, as his mission perfectly suited hers — to inspire and support new ways of thinking, being and doing in order to create a world that works. Therefore, Gabriella decided to organize the first “Soul Mission*Life Vision” workshop with Alan in The Netherlands.

After a great success for all participants in that first workshop, Gabriella and her friend Marie Josee Smulders decided to invite Alan for more workshops. The “Intuitive Living” workshop followed as well as the first “Manifestation Wheel” workshop in 2008.

Due to the success of the workshops, they established the Seale Foundation in 2011 to further support Alan Seale’s work in a more formal way. They now present two workshops each year with Alan in The Netherlands as well as help to promote and help organize his workshops and programs in other European countries such as Belgium, Switzerland, Romania, and Poland. They are pleased to have participants from all over the world joining us for Alan’s programs and lectures.

Joanna Zawada-Kubik

Joanna Zawada-Kubik, PCC, CPCC after years of corporate work that she truly enjoyed, stepped on a path of coaching and fell in love with it. Since 2006 she has been growing into the coaching profession becom-ing mentor and assessor for International Coach Federation. Graduate of several training and coaching schools she uses variety of tools and models but what she enjoys most in her work is partnering and co-creating conditions that move her Clients to discover their new horizons. She works internationally with executives, management teams in corporate world as well as entrepreneurs and SME.

She dares to pioneer. As one of the first coaches and team coaches in Poland she was exploring every available way of working with human potential- one of them brought her to the Center of Transformational Presence.

Joanna, engineer by profession with special bonding to quantum physics felt quickly at home with Transfor-mational Presence approach. Since 3 years, thanks to Gabriella van Rooji and Alan Seale transformational work is available and recognized in Poland, and Joanna with a group of dedicated community members creates further ripples of that work in organizations on Polish market.

Organically spontaneous and energetic can be equally grounded and present. She trusts to her Clients and what they are able to achieve. Amazed by them many times she humbly accompanies them in their break-throughs and brave commitments.

Transformational Presence Leadership Center

The “How-To” Place for TransformAction and Conscious Leadership

Launching January 2018! 

The Transformational Presence Leadership Center is hosted by Alan Seale and Trace Hobson. Together, they unwrap and share the more than 40 tools and frameworks from Alan’s two latest books for individuals and organizations.

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Trace Hobson

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