The 6-Session Virtual
Transformational Presence Program for

Potential-Based Sales and Business Development

This Program is for
Coaches, Business Owners, and Sales Teams


  • This program is for:
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    Those who are interested in approaching sales from an energy of expansion and ease
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    Those who have felt blocked in this area, yet also know that this wants to shift 
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    Professionals that have built their businesses with old traditional methods, and are noticing that now something new is being asked for
  • The Heart Sell program  is founded on the concepts, tools, and frameworks of Alan Seale's Transformational Presence work,  as well as the 30+ years of experience that Trace and Jo bring to serve you.

Program Details:

  • Program is delivered via the Zoom teleconferencing platform
  • The introductory price of the program is $347 USD (approximately € 297 )
    $347 USD

Your investment of $347 USD (approximately € 297 ) includes:

$347 USD (approximately € 297 )
  • 6  intensive 90-​minute learning and development sessions with Jo Boniszewski and Trace Hobson
  • Video recordings of all the sessions so that you can review the information over and over
  • ​Handouts, templates, and scripts to support you
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    TippingPoint Support for those times when you have a big sales-related issue in your company and would like for someone to walk beside you. The Tipping Points are those critical moments when something is wanting to shift significantly
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    ​Special bonus:The first 2 people who sign up will receive a special one-hour sales training session via Zoom with Jo and Trace on any business development topic, challenge, or project you are working on. This could also include having Jo and Trace support you with a client discovery session or to help you expand your company.

  • Program is limited to 24 participants

Trace Hobson

Trace Hobson

Trace Hobson is the founder and director of iConnectExpansion, and the Organizational Alchemist and Mystic for The Center for Transformational Presence.

Through a discovery-based approach, he supports organizations, leadership teams, executives, and entrepreneurs through all stages of their development, expansion, and service.

Whether you are an executive leader or an individual business owner, together with Trace, you can find clarity around your message, your mission, and the unique offering you bring to the world. You can clarify the kinds of systems and structures you need to put into place to support the growth and development of your company and your community, and to support the difference you want to make through your work.

Trace’s company, iConnectExpansion, is a Strategic Alliance Partner with Alan Seale and the Center for Transformational Presence. Trace and Alan frequently work together to support the training, developing and mentoring of leaders at all levels, and to create and deliver Transformational Presence Leadership in Action and/or Transformational Presence Leadership and Coach Training programs that are custom-tailored to your organization.

Jo Boniszewski

Jo Boniszewski

Jo Boniszewski is the founder of Barefoot Training & Coaching.

She is an experienced transformational leadership coach and facilitator working primarily with organizations, leadership teams, executives and entrepreneurs. She enables those she works with to take bold steps in realizing their full potential and to be the leaders they want to be. 

Starting from a base of trust and openness, she cuts quickly to the essence, enabling shifts in perspective and understanding, which then lead to transformed action and significant, sustainable growth.

Jo has worked closely with Alan Seale and the Center for Transformational Presence during the last five years. She is currently being mentored by Alan Seale to be a program leader for the Transformational Presence Leadership and Coach Training and the Transformational Presence Leadership in Action programs, both open-enrollment and in-company forms.

In Jo’s words: To witness people and teams taking steps to becoming the best version of themselves and achieving great results inspires me. And the more I coach and lead, the more I experience its reciprocity. I also continually learn and take steps in my own development, achieving greater results, fueled by the people I work with!

Program Outline

Sessions 1 and 2—The Guide of Intention

High frequency, natural, and easy business development and discovery activities that are in service to the highest and greatest good of all

  • Invite, make contact with and embody clear intention
  • ​I am worthy, and my work is as well
  • ​​Discovery of the message of the Heart Sell
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    Letting go of what doesn’t serve and embracing what does
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    ​Reinforcing intention and a strong reality field
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    Money as energy—a tangible expression of love and appreciation giving and receiving extravagantly

Sessions 3 and 4—The Guide of Proactivity

Inviting in laughter and joy, courage, boldness, action, momentum, service, and fun—playing with all of it

  • ​Creating experiences from the inside out—The Elevator
  • ​Listening for high frequency messages and aligning with them​
  • ​Becoming the Joyful Warrior
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    ​Being aware of what you know, sense and see that those you serve may not
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    ​Being aware of how you enable expansion and growth in others
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    ​Collecting and communicating case stories to demonstrate the benefit of your work

Sessions 5 and 6—The Guide of Tenacity

Giving and receiving extravagantly, resilience, persistence, and determination, all with a sense of lightness and humour

  • ​What does it mean when people are not attracted to us?
  • ​When what wants to happen is for you to be a provocateur
  • ​Embodying resilience and tenacity
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    ​The dance between determination/persistence and lightness/fun (getting to know your inner pit bull)
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    ​Checking for and addressing leaks in your intentional reality field—revisiting and reinforcing your intentional reality field, amplifying it, and practicing living and working from that space
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    ​Practicing gratitude both for what you intend to give and receive, as well as what you have already given and received

By the end of this program you will have:

  • Discovered, developed, and implemented your heart sell to expand your work in the world
  • ​​Grown in your capacity to connect and expand your work in the world, regardless of the situation, circumstance, or challenge
  • Expanded your capability to embody, communicate, demonstrate and contextualize your service to the world for any audience


The Course Dates

Thursday Feb. 1st @ 7:30pmCET/1:30pmEST/10:30amPST

Thursday Feb. 15th @ 7:30pmCET/1:30pmEST/10:30amPST

Thursday March 1st  @ 7:30pmCET/1:30pmEST/10:30amPST

Thursday Mar 15th @ 7:30pmCET/1:30pmEST/10:30amPST

Thursday Mar. 29th  @ 7:30pmCET/1:30pmEST/10:30amPST

Thursday April 12th @ 7:30pmCET/1:30pmEST/10:30amPST

This is NOT a webinar as you know it

We use the zoom platform in a non-traditional way to build connection and interaction

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